An expanded route connecting Long An Province to Ho Chi Minh City

DT830 Route Upgrade & Expanding Project is an important phase in traffic planning from Duc Hoa District to Long An International Port. The road construction was implemented from Duc Hoa Town, Duc Hoa District to An Thanh Bridge, Ben Luc District. The length of DT 830 Road is about 55 km with a total investment of 2000 billion VND and divided into 3 segments corresponding to 3 projects.


TCD: expects to achieve more than VND 62 billion of profit before tax in Q3/2017, meeting 83% of the plan.

As estimated, Tracodi (HOSE: TCD) will reach the profit before tax of VND 26.4 billion in third quarter of 2017. In Q3/2017, TCD is expected to achieve the consolidated revenue of VND 297 billion and profit after tax of VND 26.4 billion respectively, up 8% compared with the same period of last year. Accordingly, in the first 9 month, the accumulated revenue and profit after tax are respectively forecasted to reach 672 and 62.24 billion VND, meeting 83% of the annual plan. Tracodi is predicted to exceed its 2017 target with significant revenue gaining from the completion of project BOT 830 (Road upgrade and expansion for provincial road 830).


ANTRACO awarded 250 million VND scholarship

Antraco Scholarship Program is an annual opportunity for Antraco to provide students who seek to overcome their difficult circumstances by bringing them into the educational mainstream and offering them scholarships to attend high school, thus graduating students capable of making a positive contribution to the society.

BCG’s Q2 FY17 Consolidated Business Results: Revenue of 385 billion VND.

(BCG) According to BCG’s Q2 FY17 consolidated business results, revenue from sales of goods and services reaches more than 385 billion VND and profit after tax is 12.5 billion VND. In the first 6 months, BCG achieves the accumulated revenue of 781 billion VND from sales of goods and services compared with the same period last year. The accumulated profit from the sales of goods and services correspondingly increases up to 96 billion VND, over 15% compared to first 6 months 2016.


TCD: Cooperation Agreement Signing with Indoba in Germany

July 6th, 2017, during a visit to Germany and Netherlands by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc along with senior delegates of Vietnam, Tracodi (TCD) has signed a Cooperation Agreement with Indoba GmbH (Germany) on product distribution at the Vietnam-Germany business forum.


TCD: Stock Dividend settled at 6%

The Ex-rights date will be 07/05/2017 and the last register date will be 07/06/2017. Dividend payout ratio is 6% by stock (Shareholder holds 1000 stocks will receive 60 new stocks). From 2017, TCD will strive for paying cash dividend with the ratio from 10-12%. Revenue of 2017 is expected to get 879 billions dong and the profit after tax is 63.6 billions dong.

TCD: Shares Dividends 2016

Members who attends TCD’s extraordinary general meeting will be set on June 13th 2017. The meeting is about: To elect one more member to board of directors; to supplement field of action and to modify Company’s Terms. The extraordinary general meeting is expected to hold on June 28th 2017.


TRACODI Has Officially Listed 32.48 Million Shares on Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HSX)

TRACODI was previously the Transport Development Investment Corporation, under the Ministry of Transportation and Post, which was established in 1990. During the period of 1995-2007, TRACODI’s status quo was seperated and tranferred back to management under Civil Engineering Construction Corporation No.6, then under People’s Committee of Long An Province in 2005. After being converted into One Member Company Limited till 2013, TRACODI officially converted itself into a Joint Stock Company with shares held dominantly by the State. In 2015, TRACODI has officially operated as a 100% privatized company after SCIC divestment.

TRACODI Has Been Approved to List 32.48 Million Shares On Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HSX)

On May 17th, 2017, HSX has officially approved the initial listing of 32.48 million shares for Transport & Industry Development Investment JSC (TRACODI) with its stock quote of TCD and charter capital of 324.8 billion VND. In Q1 FY2017, the company’s revenue reached 167 billion VND, up by more than 90% over the same period of last year and profit after tax was 15.1 billion VND. TRACODI’s2017 General Annual Meeting 2017 has approved its 2017 business plan with a revenue of 879 billion VND, or 5.5% increase over 2016; and profit after tax of 63.67 billion VND, up by nearly 6%.



TRACODI Has Been Approved to Become a Public Company

On March 7th, 2017, State Securities Commission of Vietnam has issued Decision No. 1172/UBCK-GSĐC approving of TRACODI (TCD) becoming a public company. In 2016, TCD’s total assets reached 2,449 billion VND and equity more than doubled up to 380 billion VND. Net revenue was 835 billion VND and after-tax profit was 60.7 billion VND, or 338% and 138% up compared to 2015, respectively. The company also sets revenue targets of 918 billion VND for 2017 and 1,029 billion VND for 2018.


BCG Exports Cocoa Directly to MARS Group

Trong những ngày đầu năm 2017 vừa qua, BCG đã có các đơn hàng xuất khẩu ca cao trực tiếp sang tập đoàn Mars. Đây là tín hiệu tốt cho mảng kinh doanh xuất khẩu ca cao của BCG chứng minh việc áp dụng chuẩn mực chương trình phát triển bền vững và chuỗi liên kết khép kín trong việc phát triển nguồn nguyên liệu này. Đây là lô hàng ca cao được BCG chọn lọc theo tiêu chuẩn quốc tế từ khu vực Cao Nguyên và miền Tây Nam Bộ xuất đến tập đoàn Mars. Hiện nay, tập đoàn Mars thu mua đến 90% sản lượng ca cao tại Việt Nam để phục vụ cho các hoạt động xuất khẩu. Tổng sản lượng xuất khẩu ca cao Việt Nam trung bình vào khoảng 2.800 – 3.000 tấn/năm, nhưng do