Tracodi 2015 Annual General Meeting: Capital raising and listing plan on the HNX in Quarter 2/2016


In the morning of Feb 17 2016, Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Tracodi’s shareholders for fiscal year 2015 took place successfully at the company hall and has reached strong consensus among participating shareholders.

The general meeting has gone through various points such as Report of Board of Directors on performance results in fiscal year 2015; Report of Supervisory Board in 2015 and Plan for 2016, Proposal for fiscal 2015 earning distribution, Proposal of issuance to raise equity capital, Proposal of listing on stock market in 2016, etc.

Chairman board at the Annual Shareholders Meeting 2015

Among them, the most remarkable news was the approval on fiscal 2016’s business plan with breakthrough targets: revenue at 800 billions dong and EBT at 62.5 billions dong. The Board of Directors has set activities’ orientation of Tracodi in 2016 as implementing M&A strategy and focusing on its core business activities including labor export, infrastructure construction, import – export and quarrying.

To implement the new business strategy, the AGM has approved capital raising plan from 78,500,000,000 dong to 324,852,500,000 dong through issuing additional shares to existing shareholders, employees and strategic partners of the company with a par value of VND 10,000 per share and stock dividend payment at 6.5% of chartered capital. The AGM has also approved the registration of Tracodi as a public company and listing on the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) in the 2nd quarter of this year./.