BCG’s consolidated profit reaches VND 60 billion, exceeding annual budget by 46%


Today, Bamboo Capital Joint Stock Company announced unaudited consolidated financial results for its fiscal year 2015. The Company posted consolidated revenues of 977 billion dong from sales operations and service delivery, while consolidated profit after tax reached 60 billion dong, exceeding fiscal 2015’s target by 46%. More impressively, BCG boosted its 2015 revenue by 56 times from the previous year, which led to a triple increase in net earnings.

Currently, BCG stock is trading at VND 20,500 per share, averagely 750,000 shares per day. Along with the announcement of financial results, BCG is conducting a shareholders’ opinion poll on the change in 2016 capital raising plan. According to the new plan, BCG expects to issue new shares to existing shareholders at 1:1.5, to offer 3,000,000 preferred shares to employees and to pay 2015 dividends in stock at expected 8%, totally raising its equity capital to VND 1,088 billion. Besides, BCG has also set its 2016 plan with projected consolidated revenues of 2,300 billion dong and profit after tax of 120 billion dong. /.