BCG Land handed over five more villas King Crown Village Thao Dien project to customers


(BCG) On Thursday, April 15th, BCG Land Joint Stock Company – a subsidiary of Bamboo Capital Group had delivered five villas of King Crown Village (Thao Dien ward, Thu Duc city) to customers. 


Mr. Vo Manh Tin – BCG Land’s General Director giving a speech at the event

The King Crown Village project is divided into two phases. There are 17 villas in the first phase and a high-class commercial complex building in the second phase. The project covers 9.125 m2 of total land area. King Crown Village is considered as the last luxury riverside residential villa project in Thao Dien area with the prime location which easily connects to Ho Chi Minh and Thu Duc City. Thus, the project is said worth investment and settlement.

King Crown Village villas are designed in European style which unites all of the unique architecture from Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux and Monaco - French. King Crown Village is precisely taken care of by top architects in every single detail in order to create a high-class lifestyle reaching perfection for residents.

King Crown Village’s villas

According to Mr. Vo Manh Tin – BCG Land’s General Director spoke at the event: “We are proud of the quality of the projects and we assure to satisfy your experience. Helios service and investment joint stock  company, is a well-known company in managing and operating residential area, will provide their services such as 24/7 security, cleaning service and garden service. As a result, these services will bring joy and comfortable experience to all residents”.

Earlier this year, BCG Land already handed over  the first five villas of King Crown Village to customers in January. Once the whole project is fully developed, King Crown Village will become the symbol of peace and prosperity in Thao Dien.