Bamboo Capital Group attended the Investment Cooperation conference with Asia Business Alliance in Korea


(BCG) On December 19, 2018, in Seoul, South Korea, representative of Bamboo Capital Group (BCG) – Chairman Nguyen Ho Nam attended the Investment Cooperation Seminar with Asian Business Alliance (ABA). ). The seminar attracted more than 350 Korean businesses to attend, opening up many potentials for investment cooperation for BCG as well as other businesses.

Mr. Nguyen Ho Nam – Bamboo Capital Group Chairman answered questions at the conference

Mr. Nam gave an overview of Vietnam’s macroeconomic situation and highly appreciated that Korea continues to be the pioneering investors in the flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) into Vietnam. By March 2018, Korea was the No. 1 investor in Vietnam with 6,760 projects that worth more than the US $ 59 billion. Mr. Nam also emphasized the belief in Vietnam’s business environment under the vision of foreign investors in general and Korea, in particular, is constantly increasing.

At the seminar, Mr. Nam also informed small and medium enterprises about co-investment opportunities with Bamboo Capital Group in key fields such as Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Coffee Trade, Microbial fertilizer. This has opened up expectations, in addition to large Korean businesses, there will be more small and medium enterprises investing in specific areas in Viet Nam and bringing high value added and quality.