AAA Insurance partners with Marsh Vietnam to expand distribution channel


AAA Insurance, a subsidiary of Bamboo Capital Group, has signed a collaboration agreement with Marsh Vietnam Insurance Broker to expand its distribution channel.

The deal marked an important milestone in the duo’s business cooperation portfolio, AAA Insurance stated in a release.

The partnership with Marsh, the world's largest insurance broker, is part of AAA's strategy to diversify its sales channel in order to improve consulting quality and provide consumers a better experience when accessing and utilizing its products and services.

AAA seeks Marsh's assistance in consulting, insurance, and the development of new products for a broader range of clients.

The insurer believed that the relationship would provide outstanding value by facilitating clients to acquire prestigious insurance packages and international-standard support services, thereby safeguarding them from any unexpected hazards in life.

In the first quarter of 2022, AAA has made big progress in modernizing its leadership and senior management since its merger into Bamboo Capital. The company has also prioritized digitalization and the growth of its countrywide network.

The insurer has made great strides in expansion of branch networks and distribution channels. A huge number of transaction offices have been established to introduce and provide insurance to a wider spectrum of clients, while the sale channel has been enlarged from one to dozens.

AAA Insurance was the first non-life insurance firm to establish a Call Center in 2007. The insurer debuted the Global Travel Insurance product in 2006. Over 17 years of operation, the company currently has 51 branches and 100 transaction offices across Vietnam.

In December 2021, AAA Insurance became an official member of Bamboo Capital Group (BCG), one of Vietnam's top multi-sector enterprises with over 30 subsidiaries and affiliates. The move represents a significant advancement in the insurer’s future development and direction.

Marsh Vietnam is part of Marsh, a leading global insurance broking and risk advisory firm that has been servicing clients in Vietnam since 1994. Marsh Vietnam provides a comprehensive range of insurance and risk management services for virtually every type of industry and profession throughout the country.

According to Thanh Khe (The Investor)