Bamboo Capital is offering 68 million worth of shares to existing shareholders


On December 31st 2020, Bamboo Capital Joint Stock Company (BCG) has published the Certificate of share offering to the pubic which was issued by the State Securities Commission. BCG will issue 68,002,880 shares with the issuing price of 10,000VND/share for existing shareholders. If this public offering issuance turns to be successful, BCG will gain around 680 billion VND as additional capital.

The Board of Directors of Bamboo Capital JSC held a meeting and accordingly finalized the shareholder list of existing shareholders. Following that, the last registration date to exercise shareholder’s purchasing right is set on January 22nd 2021. Issuance ratio: 2:1 (for every 2 shares of ownership, a shareholder shall buy 1 newly issued share).

For investors who have not yet owned BCG’s share may use transfer of purchasing right from existing shareholders. Period of right transferring is set from January 29, 2021 to March 3, 2021. The purchasing right can only be transferred once and cannot be transferred to a third person.

From the beginning of December 2020 till now, BCG’s share price has been increasing and breaking the records of the last 4 years. The price was increased by 60% only in December and doubled compared to the beginning of the year. This increasing rate is mainly resulted from BCG’s renewable energy projects reaching COD before December 31st 2020. Stepping into 2021, BCG’s share price is still continously rising and currently at the rate of 15.500 VND/share (closed trading session on January 08th 2021).

BCG’s stock technical chart on January 8, 2021
Capital collected from this offering will be used to invest in renewable energy and real estate projects. Recently, BCG has sprinted and especially successful when continuously putting its renewable energy projects into commercial operation before December 31, 2021 to be applicable for FIT 2 price. Accordingly, the Phu My Solar Power Plant with a total designed capacity of 330 MW in Binh Dinh has connected to the national grid with a total capacity of 216 MW, the rest 114 MW will be connected before February 28, 2021 and VNECO Vinh Long Solar Power Plant inaugurated with a total capacity of 49.3 MW. In addition to large-scale projects, the rooftop solar segment has also been successfully deployed in the last year, adding up to BCG’s energy portfolio nearly 50 MW of generating capacity.


Phu My solar power plant, Binh Dinh


In the real estate segment, Bamboo Capital is promoting the construction of "blockbuster" project  - King Crown Infinity the center of Thu Duc City. Possessing a golden location, diamond coordinates on the arterial road of Vo Van Ngan in the center of the creative city, King Crown Infinity is a key project that is invested "huge" and methodically, with the desire to create Standard living values in the luxury real estate market. This is an important driving force for the luxury real estate segment in Thu Duc Creative City in the future.