BCG Land, Tracodi and Vinahud signed a strategic cooperation agreement


On August 27, 2021, BCG Land Joint Stock Company, Transport and Industry Development Investment Joint Stock Company (TRACODI) and Vinahud Housing and Urban Development Investment Joint Stock Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement online. 

Aiming to maximize their strengths, support each other and contribute to promoting the growth of all three parties in many aspects, while improving the potential, strength and reputation in the market. BCG Land, Tracodi and Vinahud discussed and reached an agreement to cooperate and develop projects in Vietnam. 


At the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation, representatives of leaders of the three companies, Mr. Vo Manh Tin - General Director of BCG Land, Mr. Bui Thien Phuong Dong - Member of the Board of Directors cum General Director of Tracodi and Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Oanh - General Director of Vinahud Company signed an agreement between the three parties. Specifically, BCG Land and Vinahud will cooperate to develop projects from the Central region to the North, Tracodi will play the role of General Contractor to manage the construction of these projects.

The strategic cooperation agreement is the basis for the three parties to jointly develop a detailed cooperation plan in order to effectively exploit the resources and advantages of the three parties to achieve the set goals. At the ceremony, leaders of the three units expressed their joy and belief that the strategic cooperation signing event will open up opportunities for the development of the three parties and suggested that after the cooperation agreement was signed. , the relevant affiliated units of the three parties will promote the signing of contracts in each specific content so that cooperation activities can be implemented soon. This cooperation is an important start, which is expected to create high-quality real estate products and projects that bring value and benefits to the community and society.

More information about BCG LAND:

BCG Land Joint Stock Company (BCG Land) is a key member of Bamboo Capital Group, and BCG Land is a real estate project developer focusing on the luxury apartment and resort real estate segment in high-end residential areas. prime location across the country. Inheriting the success and strong financial potential of the parent company along with an experienced management team from different countries around the world. BCG Land is affirming its position and reputation in the Vietnamese real estate market. BCG Land has made its mark through the projects King Crown Village, King Crown Infinity, King Crown Park, King Crown City, Radisson Blu Hoi An, Hoi An D'or, Casa Marina Premium, Casa Marina Mui Ne...

In 2021, BCG Land is expected to achieve consolidated revenue of VND3,830 billion from revenue recognition from real estate projects; pre-tax profit reached more than 898 billion dong, and consolidated profit after tax was more than 816 billion dong, up 7.6 times compared to the same period last year.

More information about TRACODI:

Transport and Industry Development Investment Joint Stock Company (TRACODI) - a member company of Bamboo Capital Group - was established in 1990 and officially listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange on May 26th/ 2017 with stock code is TCD. Tracodi focuses on the following main segments: Infrastructure Construction, Civil and Industrial, Quarrying, Trade, Labor Export and Water Treatment Technology (MET). Total assets reached VND 6,857.8 billion and the current charter capital was VND 872,091,520,000.

In the first 6 months of 2021, TRACODI achieved revenue and accumulated profit of VND 1,730.9 billion and VND 234.1 billion, respectively. Accordingly, TRACODI has completed 54% of the revenue plan and 68.34% of the expected profit plan in 2021.

In 2021, TRACODI is expected to achieve consolidated revenue of VND 3,203 billion, up 12.3%; pre-tax profit is more than 343 billion dong, and consolidated profit after tax is more than 280 billion dong, increasing by more than 91%.

More information about VINAHUD:

Vinahud Housing and Urban Development Investment Joint Stock Company (VINAHUD) is a familiar name in the Vietnamese real estate market, established in 2007, formerly known as the Construction Investment Project Management Board. Vinaconex housing and urban development, under the Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Joint Stock Corporation - Vinaconex. After more than 14 years of establishment and development, up to now, VINAHUD has grown strongly and become a company operating in many fields. In which, VINAHUD focuses mainly on 3 main areas: real estate investment and business, project management consulting and construction.