Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Laos visits the cow breeding project of Viet Golden Farm Company in Laos


Appreciating the development potential of the reproductive Cow project of Viet Golden Farm (VGF) Company in Laos, the Laos Officials led by Mr. Sommad Pholsena, Minister of National Resources and Environment and Xe Kong province’s leaders had a visit to the reproductive cow breeding farm of Viet Golden farm Company in Xe Kong province, Laos on 01 June 2016.

In 2015, VGF cooperated with Mekong JVC to construct a reproductive cow breeding farm in Xe Kong province (Laos) with the scale of 200 testing cows and would increase to 1,500 cows in next year. After 3 months of breeding 200 Droughtmaster; Red Angus and Brahman reproductive cows, the first litter of reproductive cows was born in Laos. The advanced technologies of store cattle such as pasture management system; Technique of mixing and management of distilled and raw food helped mother cows to increase their average stable weight of 1.5 -2 kg/day. The first herd of calves was born in Laos with average weight of 20-25kg. The  calves developed steadily and adaptably to the climate condition in Laos. Calves born would be nurtured further mature for keeping continuance of multipling herd to supply breeds for regional farmers  to increase income.

Below are some photos of the visit to the farm:

Photo caption: Mr. Sommad PHOLSENA, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment (the forth person from the left) with Xe Kong province’s group of leaders and VGF leaders visits the VGF’s cow breeding project in Laos.

The first litter of calves was born in Laos, developing healthily and adaptably to Laos’ climate.