Prospects from real estate projects of Bamboo Capital


Casa Marina Quy Nhon Resort

The project covers an area of nearly 2 hectares in Ghenh Rang. The project which is a boutique resort invested by BCG and Nguyen Hoang JSC was officially started in September 2015 and will be ready for business in the second quarter of 2016.

The project’s first phase has a scale of 16 bungalows and 32 standard rooms while the second phase will develop further with a 30-room hotel. Located along the long beach next to a fishing tourist village, the resort is fully furnished as 4-star standards.

Recently Quy Nhon has also been voted by British travel magazine Rough Guides as one of top three Southeast Asian tourist destinations. Casa Marina Resort is going to catch the potential flow of tourists to Quy Nhon in 2016 and will be one of BCG’s cash generating hospitality properties in the future.

Tracodi Tower construction project

Tracodi Tower is projected to locate in a beautiful location in District 1. This will be a multi-floor complex including a commercial center, a service apartment zone and an office building all built on a land area of 2,300m2. The project investment is planned at 400 billion dong. Currently Tracodi is finalizing procedures for planning the land area which will come under construction in 2016.

Commercial center in Cu Chi district

This is a construction project of shopping streets, services, hotels and supermarkets in the town of Cu Chi and Tan An Hoi commune on 78,291.4m2 area with total planned investment at 379 billion dong. Currently the project has obtained 1/500 approval and is completing site clearance procedures in order to get land use right certificate.

The project is going to be carried out in two phases. Phase 1 is land clearance compensation and then construction on the first 22,600m2 area with total investment of 125 billion dong. The project is considered feasible with the internal rate of return of 12.91% and payback period of about 16.5 years. Phase 2 continues to build the rest area.

Nguyen Xien housing project for officers and soldiers

This is a housing project for officers and soldiers of Political Protection Agency A67 in Thuong Village, Thanh Liet Commune, Thanh Tri District, Hanoi with total 712 billion dong investment, ordered by the Ministry of Public Security.

The project consists of 36 floors built on an area of 3.500m2, expected to be completed and put into use in quarter 3, 2017. The entire interior products of the project will be provided by Nguyen Hoang and Thanh Phuc, two BCG subsidiaries. This is also the advantage of support and cross-selling among subsidiaries of BCG.

Prospects for those real estate investment opportunities are highly likely to create future valuable assets in BCG’s balance sheet. However, implementing those projects requires huge capital investment and thus for that purpose there will be capital raising plans for BCG in 2016 by stock issuance.

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