In 2015, BCG acquired and restructured Transport and Industry Development Investment orporation (Tracodi) into a core member company operating in Construction & Trading sector of the Group which has 7 subsidiaries and affiliates. 

After more than 30 years of operation, Tracodi has become a top reputable brand in the fields of construction, quarrying, trading, and labor export services. In order to acheive this current position, Tracodi has always respected the values of sustainability and stability in business.

In recent years, Tracodi has focused on the trading segment. The Company has launched the Dr. Nam coffee franchise. Since 2017, Tracodi has collaborated with Indoba - a German company to export Dr. Nam coffee as well as other products of Nguyen Hoang to the European market.


In the following five years, revenue growth is expected to derived mainly from:

Construction for Real Estate Projects:

Mostly hospitality and residential projects.

Construction for Infrastructure Projects: 

e.g Social house, construction of toll roads and renewable energy.