BCG: Resolution on the 2016 General Meeting of Shareholders


Bamboo Capital Joint Stock Company announced Resolution No.03 dated December 23, 2016 as follows:

Articles 1: Approving to invest in real estate projects or real estate company with equity capital of 720 billion dongs is expected , but no exceeding 35% of total assets of BCG at the time the most recent financial statements.

Articles 2: Approving to the Board of Directors authorized the signing of documents & contracts which related to the investment and project transferee.

Articles 3: Approving to issue 20 million private placement

–        Number of shares issue: 20,000,000 shares

–        Par value: 10,000dongs/share

–        Issuing price: 10,000dongs/share

–        Time of restriction transferred: 01 year from the finish date of stock offering

–        Expected time of implementation: Q2.2017

–        Purpose: All the proceeds from stock offering will use for investment purpose & transport infrastructure project.

Articles 4: Approving to the Board of Directors authorized the company’s charter   amendment, to register charter capital and to change of certificate of business registration.

Articles 5: This Resolution will be effective from December 23, 2016.