The mountainous district of Tri Ton (An Giang) has an additional 16 bridges

(NTV) On the afternoon of February 24, 2020, Tri Ton District People’s Committee in An Giang province held the inauguration ceremony of 16 bridges under the Rural Bridge Program launched by Vietnam Rural Magazine in the district.

Delegates cut the ribbon to inaugurate 16 bridges under the Rural Bridge Program – Vietnam Rural Magazine in Tri Ton district.

Attending the ceremony were former President Truong Tan Sang; Mr Nguyen Duc Quang – Editor-in-chief of Vietnam Rural Magazine, Head of the Organizing Committee of the Rural Bridge Program; Mr Vo Anh Kiet – Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of An Giang Provincial People’s Council; Mr Le Van Nung – Standing Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Vice Chairman of An Giang Provincial People’s Committee; Mr Cao Quang Liem – Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Tri Ton District and representatives of donors, construction units, relevant departments and agencies and numerous local people.

Tri Ton is a mountainous district located in the southwest of An Giang province, with a border of 15.5 km bordering the Kingdom of Cambodia, with one-third of the population being ethnic Khmer, the main production activity is agriculture. One of the reasons hindering the development of the locality is the rather dense canal system, the transport infrastructure has not met the development requirements, especially in rural and intra-field traffic. Over the past years, Party committees and administrations at all levels have always paid attention to building bridges and country roads to create favourable conditions for travel, trade and promote economic development.

To help Tri Ton complete a project to build a rural bridge, realize the temporary removal of temporary bridges in the district area, country roads and inland roads, creating conditions for local development. Economy, culture – society, making people’s life easy, convenient. Vietnam Rural Magazine – Organizing Committee of Rural Bridge Program has mobilized to sponsor for 16 local bridges.

The bridges built in 8/15 towns/communes of Tri Ton district, with a total length of 528m, load capacity of 2-5 tons, the width of 4m and a total investment of nearly VND 19 billion. In which, VP Bank-financed 10 billion VND, HANAKA Group Company-sponsored 500 million VND, Prowtech International Vina Joint Stock Company-sponsored 1.5 billion VND, Tan Dai Hung Plastic Joint Stock Company sponsored 1 billion VND and the Company BCG Energy Corporation financed VND 500 million. The local reciprocal capital (from the district’s budget and social mobilization) is nearly VND 5.5 billion. After five months of construction, up to now, 16 bridges under the Rural Bridge Program have been completed and put into use.

Mr Cao Quang Liem – Chairman of Tri Ton District People’s Committee, made a speech at the ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Truong Tan Sang commented that Tri Ton is one of the districts with many initiatives in building rural transport infrastructure. The former President said that he was very impressed with the way of Tri Ton district when promoting the contribution resources of donor businesses effectively, and at the same time mobilizing social support in the locality. Besides, the community has the initiative to use iron and steel from old bridges to renovate another eight bridges. The creative and effective ways of Tri Ton district are worth other localities.

Mr Cao Quang Liem – Chairman of Tri Ton District People’s Committee, expressed his sincere thanks to former President Truong Tan Sang, Vietnam Rural Magazine and the sponsors have paid attention to support the construction of the bridge, thanks to the charitable construction units and the people who have devoted their land to build the bridge.

Local leaders awarded certificates of merit and flowers to collectives and individuals who contributed to the construction of the bridge.

“Now, concrete roads and concrete bridges have reached many communes, especially the northern bank of the Tri Ton canal connecting provincial road 941 and 943 through Ta Danh, Nui To and Co To communes that previously had a road section Not even motorcycles can run. It not only creates favourable conditions for travel, but the presence of the bridges also contributes to socio-economic development in this difficult area,” Mr Liem added.

The representative of the donors, Mr Phan Ngoc Hoa – Deputy General Director of Vietnam Prosperity Commercial Joint Stock Bank, said he hoped that newly inaugurated bridges would help people travel, trade smoothly. Students go to school safely and hope that these bridges will connect the heart between the donors and the government, people of Tri Ton district in particular and An Giang province in general.

BCG Energy Joint Stock Company sponsored the ribbon-drawing ceremony at the Soai So Bridge.

At the ceremony, Prowtech International Vina Joint Stock Company also sponsored Tri Ton district with 100 bikes and 1,000 notebooks for people and pupils under challenging circumstances in the community.

Along with nine bridges inaugurated this morning in Tan Chau district, An Giang today has 25 more new bridges under the Rural Bridge Program launched by Vietnam Rural Magazine.


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