BCG Group: one of the leading enterprises in renewable energy in Vietnam

With 88 solar and wind power plants, officially connected to the national grid on June, the renewable energy industry in Vietnam is already flourished very well. So in this renewable energy race, who is leading?

Bamboo Capital Group

Since 2017, Bamboo Capital Group (BCG) has considered solar energy as its strategic investment. In the 2018 AGM, Mr. Nguyen Ho Nam – Chairman of BCG stated: “Now, renewable energy is the cheapest energy on the planet. Renewable energy sector not only has high economic efficiency but also sustainable and safe  “.

The first solar power plant was started construction in Long An on September 16, 2018 by BCG, which is the BCG Bang Duong solar power plant of BCG Bang Duong Energy Joint Stock Company (affiliations of BCG)

BCG currently has 3 solar power projects in Long An: BCG Bang Duong with an installed capacity of 40.6 MWp and GAIA  at first phase with 30 MWp (total capacity is 100.4 MWp) is in the process of implementation and will be installed before June 2019; Sunflower project with a capacity of 50 MWp has been approved for the investment policy and is being submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Trade for appraisal. The total investment of these 3 projects is about VND 4,400 billion.

BCG is also reaserching the 45 MWp wind power project at No.17 in Tran De district – Soc Trang, as well as the solar project on Quang Nam with a large capacity – maybe over 100 MW, or another solar power project in Ben Tre …

According to BCG, although the profit of renewable energy sector is only about 6% to 7% but sustainable annually. In the future, they pledged to supply about 2,000 MW of solar power – wind power to the Vietnamese market and could reach the world if they mastered the technology.


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