The first BOT project of Long An coming into operation

On April 10, Nguyen Van Cuong, Director of Bang Duong Investment Construction Trade Company Limited (joint venture investor), said that from 15/4, the project will start testing to charge fee in 30 days for BOT (build – operate – transfer) named DT 830 (section from An Thanh bridge to Duc Hoa town), Long An province.

The fee is 30,000-160,000 VND per car each turn. However, cars owned by people on either side of the route without transportation business purposes will not be charged; Vehicles of corporates on the route are charged only once and are reduced by 20%.

The first BOT project of Long An will start testing to charge vehicle fee from April 15.

Picture: Chau Duc.

According to preliminary statistics, each day on the province route, 830-824 there are about 4,500 cars pass through, so the projected payback period is 18 years.

DT 830 - 824 project was approved by the People's Committee of Long An in 2016 with the total investment of 1,079 billion VND. The project is roughly 24km long with 4 lanes, built 8 new bridges, design speed is 80 km/h, except running speed through the urban area is 60 km/h.

The project starts at the junction of Duc Hoa town to Hau Nghia or Ben Luc. This is also the connecting point between provincial road DT 824 and Tran Van Giau Road (Provincial Road 10) of Ho Chi Minh City. There are two toll stations in An Thanh, Ben Luc District, and Duc Hoa, Huu Thanh District.

According to the investor, upgrading the DT 830 project will improve the capacity of transshipment from the key industrial zones of Long An Province, while enhancing the transport of goods between provinces in the Mekong Delta with Ho Chi Minh City, sharing the overload pressure for the gateway route of the southern key economic zone.

Representatives of Long An Department of Transport said this is the first provincial road in Long An invested in the form of BOT. The province is considering carefully investing in many other routes, river ports in the form of BOT or BT to develop industrial parks, residential areas along National Highway 1A, Trung Luong expressway.

The 830 route is not a monolithic route. The people and businesses can choose the 816 route. The 816 route is only 5.5-7m wide and the bridges on the route only allow vehicles under 8 tons to pass through", said the Department of Transport representatives.


Huu Nguyen


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