BCG's Q2 FY17 Consolidated Business Results: Revenue of 385 billion VND.

(BCG) According to BCG’s Q2 FY17 consolidated business results, revenue from sales of goods and services reaches more than 385 billion VND and profit after tax is 12.5 billion VND.

In the first 6 months, BCG achieves the accumulated revenue of 781 billion VND from sales of goods and services compared with the same period last year. The accumulated profit from the sales of goods and services correspondingly increases up to 96 billion VND, over 15% compared to first 6 months 2016.

Regarding stock market, the price of BCG stock has grown smoothly at 7100 VND a share (28/07/2017). One of the BCG major shareholders is Imperial Dragon Investment Limited holding 11.09% BCG stock. 

In the Q2/2017, there are remarkable activities in BCG such as:

  • BCG's subsidiary – TRACODI has been approved to list 33 million shares on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange(HSX).
  • BCG has signed a Cooperation Agreement with global well-known corporations like Unisun Energy (Hong Kong), Coara Solar (Germany) and Hanwha (Korea)regarding the 100MW and 40 MW solar energy project in Long An Province with a total investment of 140 million USD.

BCG plans to launch the BOT 830, 824 projects and Casa Marina Resort in Quy Nhon City to be into operation in Q1/2018 and in Q3/2017, respectively. In the last 6 months of 2017, BCG continues restructuring to increase the profitability of subsidiaries and affiliates.



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