Environmental Seminar for Floating Solar Projects on Phu Ninh and Khe Tan Lakes

On September 11th, 2018, BCG Floating Energy JSC – a subsidiary of Bamboo Capital Group (BCG) has collaborated with Institute of Energy (under Ministry of Industry and Trade) and ENEA (Melbourne, Australia) to organize the seminar in Tam Ky City, Quang Nam Province.

Floating solar farm is one of the few clean approaches to generate energy without having big impacts on the environment. The projects are expected to reduce water evaporation by 30%, diminish the spreading of harmful seaweed and enhance the development of underwater ecosystem. Aside from strict regulations on advanced technologies, environmental preservation is also a critical factor for investors and local authority to take into consideration. 

The seminar was attended by Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quang, General Secretary of Quang Nam Province, along with leaders from local departments. BCG Floating Energy has also taken the opportunity to provide all relevant and detailed reports, simulations, construction safety, and more importantly the solutions to mitigate environmental risks incurred. 

With the current growth rate, Vietnam is predicted to be in serious power shortage by 2020. Therefore, the floating solar projects on Phu Ninh and Khe Tan lakes are expected not only to contribute to the socioeconomic development of Quang Nam Province, but also to meet the rising demand of electricity for Vietnam in the next few years.


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